In 2021, the EU electronics market will be close to 21.6 billion euros, and fireworks will reach 27.4 billion euros by 2025.

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According to the ECigIntelligence report, the European Union (27 countries) e-cigarette market size was 2.952 billion euros in 201, compared with 29.13% in 2017, and the EU e-cigarette market size will reach 38 euros by 2025.

Just after 21 years, 0 survey agencies quickly reported the popular data of the electronic market internationally. According to the ECigIntelligence report, the EU cigarettes (27 countries) e-cigarette market in 2021 will be 2.952 billion euros (21.6 billion euros), which is 29.13% compared to 2017, and the EU e-cigarette market will reach 3.8 billion by 2025. Renminbi Euro (27.4 billion yuan)。

The following is an introduction to the characteristics of EU e-cigarette advertising.

1 Market share of various nicotine products

Among ancient tobacco products, traditional tobacco products are still the mainstream consumer, with 91.0% of the market popularized; followed by heated tobacco products, occupying 4.90% of the market; and e-cigarette products have a market share of 2.60%.

2 E-cigarette traditional tobacco market

Throughout the survey, the overall use rate of adult coonidine products in the EU will reach 24.6% in 2021, showing a downward trend, and the trend will drop by about 21% in 2025. 2.99%, an increase of 26.09% from 2.3% in 2017, and will continue to grow in the next 4 years, reaching 3.7% by 2025. In fact, a significant number of e-cigarettes are transformed by traditional tobacco consumer groups.

3 E-cigarettes are the most prosperous market

France is the most open-air e-cigarette market with a scale of 817 million euros, followed by Germany, Italy, Poland and Germany. The French e-cigarette population is 280, and the adult usage rate is 5.4%, which is close to the EU’s overall market consumption usage rate (2.9%)。 But it is very interesting that Italy, the country with the most e-cigarette consumption, consumes 369.23 euros, which is nearly 80 euros higher than the French (291.78) consumption.

4E-cigarette signs

Traditional offline retail is the mainstream sales channel for e-cigarettes, with 60,000 non-designated physical sales points and 10,700 e-cigarette physical specialty stores, and 84 online specialty snacks.

Data source: ECigIntelligence market database, October 2021; retailers selling consumables and/or hardware