Malaysia announced a 200% tax increase on e-cigarettes, the Chamber of Commerce calls for adjustments

VAPING168 Report, December 21 news, according to foreign news reports, the Malaysian Electronic Cigarette Chamber of Commerce (MVCC) has urged the government to impose risk-proportionate taxes and regulations on e-cigarettes and combustible cigarettes.

Recently, the Malaysian government announced a 200% tax increase on e-cigarette products. The tax rate for nicotine e-liquid and non-nicotine e-liquid is 1.20 ringgit per milliliter.

Industry insiders believe that excessive tax rates will have a negative impact on the industry. They are likely to pass the cost on to consumers.

MVCC Information Director Ashraf Rozali said: E-cigarette manufacturers have no choice but to increase product prices because the tax rate imposed is equivalent to the current retail price of e-cigarette products. For example, a 30-ml bottle of e-liquid will be levied on a tax of 36 ringgit.

“According to this price, the retail price of e-liquid is expected to be twice the current price per 30 ml bottle. Therefore, the new tax rate will not only affect one party, but also affect the entire ecosystem, including increasing the burden on consumers.” Ash Raf said.

At the same time, the government recently announced that it will propose a regulatory framework for tobacco and e-cigarette products next year.

Ashraf said that any introduced regulations must include elements that encourage smokers to switch to less harmful products such as e-cigarettes. He called on the public to sign a petition calling for commensurate supervision of risks.