RELX Infinity review:Long battery life with wireless charging

RELX Infinity review:Long battery life with wireless charging

What I bring to you today is RELX Infinite. As the fourth-generation product of the RELX series, it has not much connection with the previous two generations. It removes the business style and low cost performance, and remakes it practical and affordable, but it is a generation. It’s very close, the name is cool, and it can be charged wirelessly. Compared with the RELX generation, it also has a qualitative leap in value. I just don’t know how the experience will be. Let’s take a look today.


Today’s evaluation is the satin purple color of the fourth generation of RELX. It is packaged with independent cigarette sticks and does not contain cartridges. It is exactly the same as the packaging of the RELX generation. The front is the machine color and the guardian plan, and the back is the product of the fourth generation of RELX. The information is generally opened by pulling the cover. After opening, the upper part is the manual, and the lower part is the device body and the data cable, which are the same simple and clean.

二、Tobacco rod equipment

The whole device adopts an aluminum alloy body, with a rounded shape, and the side curvature is just right, which makes the grip feel great. The metal sandblasting of the body and the conspicuous logo make the visual performance more atmospheric. The top elastic groove adopts magnetic attraction. The method, symmetrical design, can be blindly inserted, and there will be breathing lights and vibration feedback when put in the throat. It is worth mentioning that the fourth generation of RELX has a place to collect condensate, so I don’t have to clean it every day. It’s just me. The gospel of this lazy cancer patient haha.

The air intake on the side is smaller, and the suction resistance is tighter than that of Magic Flute and Grapefruit. The circular breathing light in the middle adopts micro-holes to transmit light, which is full of technology when sucking. The English logo of Yue Engraved is arranged this time. In the upper part of the fuselage, more and more confident, the bottom is type-c and unlimited charging port, equipped with a 380 mAh battery, it takes 38 minutes to fully meet the actual test to meet the needs of one day of use, and there is also a wireless The charging box, which takes into account both charging and storage, can be said to be very business, and it needs to be purchased separately.


The fourth-generation cartridge adopts a 1.9ML design, the overall shape is more rounded, and it fits perfectly with the fourth-generation fuselage of RELX. It feels much better than the first-generation in terms of appearance. It uses Mcwell’s custom atomizing core and exclusive The leak-proof structure of the labyrinth is still fascinating, but compared to the first generation, it is a lot better. Like the first generation, the smoke bomb has no flavor label. It can be distinguished by the bottom color and code. The amount of smoke is slightly less than the fourth generation. It’s a bit smaller than the first generation, but the difference is not very big. However, the fourth generation is better than the first generation in terms of throat hitting. It is also better to relieve addiction. At the same time, the analysis of the cartridge taste is also better and richer and more authentic, with a soft and delicate taste, and the first generation. There are two completely different user experiences. The fourth generation of RELX’s cartridges are rich in flavors. There are currently about 20 flavors. Today, I will bring you three flavors that you personally think are not bad. beans

It feels a bit like mung bean ice cream. The tip of the tongue is slightly astringent at the entrance, the coolness is moderate, the throat is weak, and the overall sweetness is not up. After exhaling, it tastes a bit like mung bean soup, the taste is relatively light, but the aftertaste is long and cool. It will slowly come up in the back, and the taste will be refreshed and then sweetened. If you are a fan of mung bean flavors, you can try this one.

  1. Ice watermelon

The taste of bubble gum is still the same. The tip of the tongue is a little sweet at the entrance, and the coolness is high. The throat feels moderate. After exhalation, it has a sensation of watermelon frost. The sweetness is moderate and the taste is refreshing. Compared with the first generation of watermelon, it has a little more The sweetness and the flavor are more intense. In contrast, I prefer the four generations

  1. Pineapple

My favorite salted pineapple! At the entrance, the tip of the tongue is a little sweet, the cooling is moderate, the throat sensation is medium, and the sweetness is higher. After exhaling, you can taste the taste of salted pineapple. The taste is relatively strong. The cooling effect will follow, and the taste will be fresh and sweet. Boys and girls should all like this.

The four generations of RELX’s cartridges have a richer taste, and compared to the first generation, they have also made great progress in the atomization of e-liquid. The delicate and soft taste and suitable suction resistance make him the perfect successor of the RELX generation. , If one generation is the founder, then the four generations are the masters, better leak proof, better taste, smarter suction experience, make up for shortcomings, and at the same time have innovation and transcendence, as the new main force of RELX , There is a certain guarantee in quality control and taste. If you are an old user of RELX generation and want to upgrade,RELX Infinity is a good choice. If you are new to e-cigarettes and want to start with RELX, Then I also suggest that you RELX Infinity. Given that the official guide prices of the two are roughly the same, RELX Infinity is more cost-effective and practical in terms of appearance, taste, and comprehensive experience.