Top 5 Best Vape Brands In China

There are too many brands of e-cigarettes in China, and consumers really don’t have that much energy to understand all the brands. They can only choose one from several top brands that they recognize.

  1. RELX

RELX is the No. 1 brand in China. It has done very well in terms of operation and products. The market is developing in an orderly manner. Prices, services, products, etc. are all very good. Therefore, if you are a novice, RELX is recommended first.

  1. YOOZ

YOOZ can be said to be the representative of “high value” in the electronic cigarette brand, but some netizens ridiculed that it is a “color palette” electronic cigarette, because there are really many colors, nearly 50 kinds, and the market share is very high. If it is a young man, Yan control party recommends this.

  1. MOTI

MOTI’s product line is also relatively rich, including MOTI x, MOTI c, MOTI s-lite, etc. The more interesting one should be MOTI x, which has a lot of black technology, it is worth mentioning MOTI’s surging mode, pods Three thrusts will increase the amount of smoke. There are entry-level 8.8 cigarette rods you can try.

  1. JVE

JVE is a very cost-effective electronic cigarette, which is cheaper than the above three, so it is also highly recommended. It has low suction resistance, which is comparable to that of MOTI S. Sometimes it even feels like it is sucking air. The taste is quite satisfactory, the old brand is strong.


This is also an old brand, and it also has entry poles. The retail price of SNOWPLUS lite is only 38 yuan. The package contains an atomizer, a pod with a capacity of 3.0ml, and a charging cable, which is very cost-effective.

There are still many popular e-cigarette brands that have not been listed, such as VTV, VPO, FLOW, AMMO, CISSO, etc…