What are the benefits of e-cigarettes?

What are the benefits of e-cigarettes? I am still very interested in these new products. I will study it myself. After all, there are a lot of smokers around me. There is nothing else to say.

What are the benefits of e-cigarettes?

The advantage of electronic cigarettes is that there are no carcinogens such as tar produced by combustion. In this regard, in addition to reducing the adverse effects on the body, there are also considerable benefits to the environment.

For example, the air in the room will be better, and there will be no traces of soot and burnt smell on clothes and home.

Cons, I don’t know yet. The main ingredients in e-cigarettes are propylene glycol (solvent), glycerin (glycerin), and nicotine (I don’t use flavors anymore). We ignore nicotine. will die. Both propylene glycol and glycerin are used as food additives and can be digested by the body. Of course, there is a dose requirement, and it must be less than a certain dose… Ignore the dose, and those who talk about toxicity are hooligans.

According to the formula and dosage of e-liquid, this dose should be harmless to the body, but there is still a little unclear: the previous medical and food hygiene standards for the toxic dose of propylene glycol glycerin refers to taking (adults eat in food), electronic Smoke is absorbed by the lungs. Will there be other hazards in the middle… It’s not immediately obvious.

However, everything has pros and cons, and without good supervision and self-discipline, a new path has been opened up for juvenile dependence. However, the original sin here is human, and has nothing to do with e-cigarettes themselves.