are vape pens bad for you?

At present, there are many types of vape products on the market, most of which are composed of power supplies, atomizing components and control units. The domestic and international survey results show that the use rate of e-cigarettes is increasing year by year, especially among young people.

are vape pens bad for you?

are vape pens bad for you?

First of all, the main ingredient in vape is nicotine, which is also called nicotine. Nicotine itself is an addictive substance. It is included in the “Very Toxic Chemical Catalogue” in my country. Excessive nicotine intake may be life-threatening, and nicotine addiction is also a disease. Young people who use vape containing nicotine may become addicted, and may eventually become cigarette smokers. In addition, nicotine can cause damage to teenagers, infants, and those whose brains are still developing. Young people may be more susceptible to the influence of nicotine, which may have some undesirable consequences, such as learning disabilities, anxiety, etc. This is one aspect, which is the harm of nicotine itself as an addictive substance.

Second, vape smoke is still harmful to health, but it is much less harmful than real smoke. Vape does not contain other harmful ingredients such as tar and suspended particles in cigarettes. Manufacturers also believe that vape does not have diffuse or lingering second-hand smoke. But some studies suggest that vape still has secondhand smoke.

A study published in the indoor air of the Fraunhofer-Wilhelm-Kladez Institute in Germany examined the second-hand emissions of several vapes in a human-exposed room. Each vape was blown 6 times, and the data collected showed that this traditional cigarette was blown 6 times.

Although the toxin content of vape in the air is lower than that of traditional cigarettes, the content of acetic acid, acetone, isoprene, formaldehyde and acetaldehyde in the air is still high, and on average about 20% of traditional cigarettes are put into the air.

Therefore, although vape does not pollute the environment like traditional cigarettes, several important carcinogens and toxins can be detected in the air.

However, although vape are not “completely harmless” as some businesses claim, they are much less harmful than traditional cigarettes.