Does vaping cause cancer?research experiments found

Does vaping cause cancer? A heavyweight study from the laboratory of New York University, published in PNAS, the official journal of the National Academy of Sciences, found that inhaling nicotine e-cigarettes is very carcinogenic! !

Does vaping cause cancer?

This is a year-long animal experiment, in which a total of 85 small male mice (FVB/N) were sacrificed, of which 45 small male mice used nicotine e-cigarettes for 4 hours a day from Monday to Friday (e-cigarette group), and the other 40 20 male mice inhaled normal natural air and 20 inhaled propylene glycol and glycerin vapor (control group)…

Under the year-long experiment (torture), 5 mice in the e-cigarette group died prematurely, and 4 mice in the control group died.

Of the 39 mice in the e-cigarette group that survived, up to 9 developed lung adenocarcinoma! ! (incidence rate 22.5%)

The control group had one lung adenocarcinoma (incidence rate 2.5%). After statistical correction, it was found that the proportion of mice using nicotine e-cigarettes suffering from lung cancer was 8.1 times that of the control group! !

This study was an unaffected independent study before the vaping unknown pneumonia storm in the United States!

The harm of electronic cigarettes has exploded all over the world! Not only will it cause fatal pneumonia, but also many lung diseases, and it will not reduce the harm of smoking! It will also increase the incidence of infertility, male impotence (link), and female depression, which will increase the risk of new coronavirus infection, and will make your brain more and more stupid, not only produce cardiomyopathy, but also increase cardiac ischemia Worse than traditional cigarettes! , produces a higher risk of lung disease than conventional cigarettes!

And e-cigarette vendors have been advertising constantly emphasizing that because e-cigarettes do not contain tar, they will not increase the risk of lung cancer, and they have also been slapped in the face by this American study!

Many of the above studies tell us, e-cigarettes and cigarettes, who is safer? It’s too early to tell right now!