Does vaping cause depression?research experiments found

Does vaping cause depression? A study from South Korea points out that e-cigarette use may be associated with increased depression! The researchers analyzed data from adults aged 19 to 80 who participated in the 2016 Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.


Does vaping cause depression?

A total of 5,469 people were included in the analysis, including 3,398 never-smokers, 1,700 smokers who had never used e-cigarettes, and 371 who had ever used e-cigarettes. As a result, the study was surprised to find that smoking increases the risk of depression!

Does vaping cause depression? E-cigarettes have a higher risk of depression than traditional cigarettes! And there are differences between men and women. From the point of view of men, non-smokers as the control group, smoking traditional cigarettes, the risk of depression is 3.54 times, the risk of depression using electronic cigarettes is 3.8 times, the difference is not significant.

However, when women used non-smokers as a control group, the risk of depression was 2.8 times that of using traditional cigarettes, and the risk of depression in #e-cigarette users exploded to 7.64 times!

#That is to say, the risk of depression among women who use e-cigarettes is very, very high. Compared with women who do not use any cigarettes, the risk of depression among women who use e-cigarettes is nearly eight times higher! (7.64)

Depression has always been one of the important diseases troubled by young women, and the use of electronic cigarettes may aggravate this situation, so be careful!

To explore the reasons behind it, it may be that e-cigarettes contain excessive nicotine, which can easily cause brain inflammation and oxidative stress and aggravate the occurrence of depression! Of course, it may also be one of the reasons why women with depression tend to smoke and use electronic cigarettes.