What are 5 side effects of vaping?

What are 5 side effects of vaping?With the rise of e-cigarettes in recent years, many new and old smokers have begun to try e-cigarette products. However, in the process of using e-cigarettes, there are some side effects.

What are 5 side effects of vaping?

  1. Uncontrollable to smoke

E-cigarettes are too convenient to use, so it’s easy to lose control of the amount. Cigarettes need to be smoked in a smoke-free area, but the e-cigarette can be smoked when you pick it up, and you smoke a lot without knowing it.

  1. More addictive

E-cigarettes are more addictive than cigarettes. If you smoke too many cigarettes, you will have a strong discomfort. If you smoke too much, you don’t feel much, but you unknowingly ingest a lot of nicotine and other substances.

  1. Insomnia

Nicotine salt is too easy to be absorbed, so it will cause too much nicotine intake, abnormal brain excitement, and insomnia.

  1. Dry mouth

E-cigarettes will cause dry mouth, and the VG in the e-cigarette oil will absorb water. Therefore, during the use of e-cigarettes, vegetable glycerin is atomized to fill the mouth and absorb the saliva moisture in the mouth, thereby producing e-cigarettes. Feeling of dry mouth.

  1. Will become poor

E-cigarettes are used too quickly, so they need to be replaced frequently, and there will definitely be cases where the cigarette rods are dropped, and they need to be repurchased.

Secondly, there are so many flavors of e-liquid. Everyone wants to try different flavors. One flavor is one box, one box is close to 100 yuan, and 10 flavors cost one thousand yuan.


E-cigarettes are not harmless. They are just a substitute for traditional cigarettes. E-cigarettes have both good and bad points. Correctly distinguish between e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes, and recognize the characteristics of the two products. What do you think Which one is more acceptable, choose according to your own situation, don’t blindly follow the trend.