Can e-cigarettes cause myocarditis?

Can e-cigarettes cause myocarditis? Some users asked this question, because heart problems cannot be ignored, and last time a study found that electronic cigarettes are harmful to the heart, which makes some users a little worried, today VAPING168 will answer it for you.


Can e-cigarettes cause myocarditis?

There are many factors that cause myocarditis, and there is no case of myocarditis caused by e-cigarettes, so this answer cannot be given to everyone for the time being.

The clinical symptoms of myocarditis are diverse, and its etiology is also relatively many. Usually, it can be divided into infectious myocarditis and non-infectious myocarditis according to the etiology. Infectious myocarditis is mainly caused by the invasion of bacteria, parasites, protozoa, etc., while the main causes of non-infectious myocarditis are cardiotoxins, systemic diseases, allergic reactions and radiation, etc. In all patients, viral Infectious myocarditis accounts for the majority.

It can be seen that myocarditis is generally caused by infection. From the perspective of the composition of electronic cigarettes, normal use of electronic cigarettes generally does not cause myocarditis, because there is no infectious virus in the e-liquid, of course, it may be only temporarily. Further research is needed in the future.

Myocarditis patients are advised not to smoke e-cigarettes, because previous studies have shown that e-cigarettes are not good for the heart, so everyone should pay attention to maintenance if they are sick.

Can e-cigarettes cause myocarditis? To sum up, from the current point of view, there is no case of myocarditis caused by electronic cigarettes, so I will not draw a conclusion here.