Can I smoke e-cigarettes after flap surgery?

Can I smoke e-cigarettes after flap surgery? This is a question asked by some friends. After all, it is necessary to recover after the operation. Smoking electronic cigarettes is afraid that it will affect the recovery of the body.

First we need to understand the flap surgery:

When the human body is traumatized by the outside world and the wound surface is relatively large and cannot be repaired by direct suturing on both sides of the wound, skin flap surgery can be selected for repair. , and then perform an s-shaped anastomosis. In this way, a large area of ??defective skin can be smoothly anastomosed, thereby accelerating the recovery of the wound and avoiding the pain caused by skin grafting and the scar injury caused by skin grafting.

And then see if you can smoke e-cigarettes after flap surgery?

It is generally not recommended to smoke e-cigarettes after surgery, because e-cigarettes may affect wound recovery and increase the chance of infection. After the operation, it is necessary to take oral anti-inflammatory drugs under the guidance of a doctor, and regularly anti-inflammatory and dressing changes to avoid the phenomenon of infection. Generally, there will be symptoms of scabbing after about a week. Adjust your diet, you can eat more high-quality protein foods, accelerate wound healing, and supplement the nutrients your body needs.

To sum up, try not to smoke e-cigarettes after skin flap surgery, so as not to affect the recovery of the wound, and finally smoke e-cigarettes after the wound has recovered.