Can people with heart disease smoke e-cigarettes?

Can people with heart disease smoke e-cigarettes? Many old smokers cannot smoke because of heart disease, but are they thinking about using e-cigarettes instead? After all, electronic cigarettes are less harmful than cigarettes. Today, VAPING168 will tell you about this issue.

Can people with heart disease smoke e-cigarettes?

It is best not to smoke e-cigarettes if you have heart disease. Although e-cigarettes do not contain other harmful substances such as tar, they still contain nicotine. According to researchers, nicotine constricts blood vessels and increases blood pressure, but it also puts pressure on the heart. So, in essence, e-cigarettes are bad for your health, because they can cause heart attacks and strokes, try not to smoke.

People with heart disease should pay more attention to avoid spicy and irritating foods in diet, and maintain good eating habits and living habits. Smoking is relatively harmful to the human body and will cause a certain load on the heart. It is recommended to maintain good living habits, pay more attention to rest, ensure adequate sleep, exercise properly, do not exercise vigorously, go to the hospital for examinations regularly, communicate with doctors in time about your physical condition, and actively cooperate with treatment.

Many people think that I have suffered from heart disease, and it is too late to quit smoking. Some people say that I am so old that it is too late to quit smoking. Regardless of the difficulty of quitting smoking, from the perspective of the protection of the heart from smoking cessation, it is never too late to quit smoking, the sooner the better.

Therefore, it is better for people with heart disease to quit smoking. If you quit smoking before the age of 35, the risk of heart disease caused by smoking can be reduced by 90%; the risk of death within 15 years of smoking cessation before the age of 59 is about half that of those who continue to smoke. Even people who quit smoking after the age of 60 have a significantly lower risk of dying from lung cancer than those who continue to smoke. Therefore, it is not too late to mend the dead, and it is not too late to quit smoking now.

Can people with heart disease smoke e-cigarettes? To sum up, it is best not to smoke, no matter what kind of cigarettes it is. After all, e-cigarettes also contain nicotine, unless you use e-cigarettes that do not contain nicotine.