Can you vaping in Macau?Macau Electronic Cigarette Policy

Can you vaping in Macau? Electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more popular in Macau, and although their use outside designated areas is not prohibited, the sale of electronic cigarette products is not allowed in Macau.

Can you vaping in Macau?

Macau does not currently ban electronic cigarettes, so you can bring electronic cigarettes into Macau when you go to Macau, but everyone must declare in advance. According to the laws of Macau, if travelers bring electronic cigarettes into the country, they must be handled in accordance with the general declaration method of the “Foreign Trade Law”. “List of Goods for Personal Use or Consumption”, such other processed tobacco and tobacco substitutes, “homogenized” or “reconstituted” tobacco, tobacco extracts and essences, the total weight per passenger per day shall not exceed 25 grams.

If passengers illegally traffic or carry the above-mentioned tobacco products without declaration, Macao Customs will prosecute according to law. In addition to fines, the seized goods will also be declared to be owned by the Macao SAR.

To sum up, you can bring electronic cigarettes to Macau, but you must declare it beforehand. If you fail to declare, you will be fined. Finally, do not use e-cigarettes in public places, and pay attention to the occasion.

However, smoking is not allowed in public places in Macau, and e-cigarettes are no exception. Macau’s newly revised “Smoking Prevention and Control System”: The new version of the Tobacco Control Law stipulates that, except for airports and entertainment venues, smoking rooms can be set up, and all indoor public places are completely non-smoking. Smoking is also prohibited within 10 metres of bus stops and taxi stands.

At the same time, the new version of the Tobacco Control Law prohibits the sale of cigarettes in entertainment venues and prohibits the public display of tobacco products at some sales points. Convenience stores, supermarkets, newsstands and other sales points can only display tobacco prices in the future, and consumers cannot see tobacco products through display windows outside the point of sale.

The new version of the Tobacco Control Law also includes e-cigarettes in the scope of prohibition. The new version of the Tobacco Control Law stipulates that electronic cigarettes are not allowed to be sold or advertised and promoted. It is also illegal to smoke electronic cigarettes in places where smoking is prohibited.

Can you vaping in Macau?To sum up, e-cigarettes are also not allowed in public places in Macau. Everyone should go to the smoking area to avoid being caught and fined.