Does vaping regularly affect sperm quality?

Does vaping regularly affect sperm quality? The quality of sperm can directly affect the health of the baby, and smoking has been clearly proven to affect the quality of sperm, so will e-cigarettes, which are less harmful than cigarettes, also affect it? VAPING168 and everyone to take a look.

Does vaping regularly affect sperm quality?

Although e-cigarettes filter coal tar to a certain extent, they contain nicotine, which can directly affect sperm production and have anti-fertility effects. The latest research shows that men who smoke e-cigarettes have lower reproductive capacity and sperm quality than ordinary men. , thereby increasing the likelihood of its infertility, and even though e-cigarettes do not contain nicotine, the chemicals added to enrich the flavor can reduce sperm counts.

For men, the quality of sperm will have a direct impact on fertility. In addition to smoking, which will affect sperm motility and sperm content, excessive alcoholism will lead to chronic alcoholism, which will affect sperm quality and sperm count. In addition, some long-term poor living and eating habits can also affect sperm quality, such as often wearing tight pants, sedentary and inactivity, and often eating some unhealthy junk food, which have adverse effects on sperm nutrition and vitality.

So if it is a friend who wants to have a baby, let’s stop smoking for a period of time. Don’t smoke whether it is cigarettes or electronic cigarettes. Both men and women should develop good living and rest habits, avoid spicy and flammable foods, and go to bed early and get up early. And participate in sports in the morning and evening. If you find any abnormality in your body during the pre-pregnancy physical examination, you need to take medicine under the guidance of a doctor, and try to conceive a healthy baby in the morning.

Does vaping regularly affect sperm quality? In summary, studies have shown that e-cigarettes can affect sperm quality, so e-cigarettes are not recommended during pregnancy. You can read more about pregnancy preparations.