How does your body change after vaping?

How does your body change after vaping? A lot of people have asked this question, so e-cigarette information went to the Internet to investigate the real feedback of users, and found that the vaping is not as good as everyone said, because it may bring other side effects, let’s come together have a look.

How does your body change after vaping?

The changes brought about by vaping, first of all, no longer smoking real cigarettes, many people may think this is an absolute good thing, but it is not the case. At present, the mainstream pod vape has a much higher nicotine content than real cigarettes (many people feel that real cigarettes are boring after vaping). It is much higher than real smoke, and nicotine is also harmful. Many literatures can be found on this point. I will say here that nicotine can lead to decreased sexual performance and even impotence (absolutely not scary).

I hope you don’t fall into the trap of businessmen like me. Even if electronic cigarettes are less harmful than real cigarettes, they are still harmful. Moreover, this harm is not like real cigarettes that have been studied for so many years, and there are very few related studies on electronic cigarettes for a short time. , the high-temperature atomization products of e-liquid with complex ingredients are not the only ones you imagined, and do you think the raw materials used by the manufacturer will be guaranteed? So many flavors are different, can you guarantee that these flavors are safe? I don’t think the manufacturers themselves can be sure what effect the atomized product will have on the human body.

If you really want to quit smoking, don’t be deceived by e-cigarette manufacturers. From one addiction to another addiction, all cigarettes are harmful and addictive. Quit smoking, those with strong willpower can quit directly, and those who can’t stand it can also use nicotine patches, a safe and healthy auxiliary method, don’t buy electronic cigarettes just because you quit smoking! Unless you’re just looking for a less intrusive way to ingest nicotine.

And people who have never smoked to buy electronic cigarettes, I think it is a stupid behavior, why not take good care of your body? I wish you all success in quitting smoking at an early date, never smoking real cigarettes or electronic cigarettes again, and having a healthy body to cope with the challenges of life and enjoy the beauty of life.

real user feedback

There are also feedback from users that the harm is even greater after changing vaping. Electronic cigarettes can be smoked anywhere, and the result is more and more smoking. Electronic cigarettes are nicotine salts in the clutch state, which are more addictive than nicotine in paper cigarettes. Absorption, the more you smoke, the more you smoke, one pod will last for 2 days, you will be drunk until you die, insomnia, you can only sleep for 2 hours a day, the whole body will collapse, stomach problems, poor digestion, oral ulcers, in fact, it depends on How do you use it, I can’t learn moderation and restraint at all, so it is miserable that it is like this now. After all, e-cigarettes are also a smoking product, not a smoking cessation product, just a substitute for smoking.

When I was the worst, I couldn’t sleep for several days, my brain was very excited, I had hallucinations, I felt like I was going to die suddenly, I heard all kinds of sounds, uncontrollable sounds, and auditory hallucinations. In fact, insomnia is not a big problem. The point is that insomnia also feels very depressed, sad, and very unhappy.

These are things that e-cigarette dealers won’t tell you. Saying that e-cigarettes only have 3% of the harm of cigarettes is pure nonsense. It still depends on personal control, and you will also consider the occasion of smoking with cigarettes, so you must control them. Influence others, let others smoke second-hand smoke, and e-cigarettes are completely released, and you can smoke if you want, and you will end up being highly addicted to nicotine. But vaping, there are all kinds of hallucinations before going to bed, and there is a hallucination picture before going to sleep, which is the picture of my vaping spitting smoke. I remember it very clearly. Even if I fell asleep, I woke up early, and I could only fall asleep for a maximum of two hours.

How does your body change after vaping? To sum up, e-cigarettes are not as good as everyone thinks. It is difficult to expect a qualitative change in one’s body by changing vaping. It depends on one’s self-control. Some people smoke more when they should be vaping. Yes, because e-cigarettes are more convenient.