how long to charge vape pen?

Many users don’t know much about the charging problem of e-cigarettes, which are actually similar to mobile phones. However, because the battery of e-cigarettes is small, the charging is also very fast, generally only about an hour.

charge vape pen

how long to charge vape pen?

The charging time of most e-cigarettes is about one hour, and the faster one only needs 30-50 minutes. Of course, this is also related to the battery capacity of your e-cigarette.

The correct method of charging electronic cigarettes is the same as that of general digital products. The key is whether the charging data line interface selection corresponds to the charging port of the product.

At present, there are mainly two charging interfaces for electronic cigarettes, one is Mirco USB interface, and the other is type-c interface. In addition, don’t use the charging head indiscriminately. At present, the charging heads of many mobile phones are fast charging, and the charging power is as high as 50~100W. It will cause damage to the built-in battery of the electronic cigarette. Generally, a charging head within 10W is sufficient.

The e-cigarette has an LED light when it is charged, it will stay on when it is charged, and the light will be off when it is full. The better quality e-cigarette is protected from power failure, that is, it will be fine if it is fully charged within a short period of time. If there is no led, generally charge it for 2-3 hours. After charging, it can generally be used for about 8 hours.