What is the benefit of Vaping?

What is the benefit of Vaping?I am an vaper with a low fever level. From the experience of e-cigarettes to the present, in retrospect, I feel the greatest comfort.

What is the benefit of Vaping?
  1. The smoking environment is relatively relaxed, and others will not notice a puff of cigarettes in the office. Friends don’t have to worry about who can’t stand second-hand smoke at a dinner party. The smell of menthol is very refreshing.
  2. When an old colleague was instructing me in my work, the smell of smoke for thousands of years, and people really could cry. Now that I think of it, I can’t feel sorry for my wife. I think it’s masculine, (Who actually rendered the smell of cigarettes masculine)
  3. In terms of appearance, bad breath has also been improved, teeth are not yellow, no longer complaining that toothpaste is useless, after a day, fingers still have the smell of shower gel last night.
  4. It saves money. It costs 100 yuan a month for cigarette oil. If you don’t distribute cigarettes, it is impossible to give someone a sip of your saliva e-cigarette…
  5. I have a side job, because I played slowly and affected many smokers around me. After they were exposed to e-cigarettes, although they did not immediately replace the cigarettes, they had one thing in common that they reduced their smoking by at least 50%.
  6. The family atmosphere has changed. My daughter often clings to me, and never said that my father smells bad and my wife is so dead for so many years. 7. I feel treated with a vision that I have never seen before. After the previous image of the smoking gun was changed, many people praised my willpower. In fact, I just take nicotine in another way. Unfortunately. I still couldn’t quit smoking.