Will a vaping cough ease?

Will a vaping cough ease? Coughing caused by smoking is a very common situation. Many friends may want to relieve their cough, so try e-cigarettes to see if this will improve the situation, but many people report that vaping can also cause coughing.

Will a vaping cough ease?

It depends on how your cough is caused. If you are sick and cough, it is best to stop for a while, because the nicotine and propylene glycol in e-cigarettes can cause certain irritation to the damaged respiratory lining. It is recommended to reduce inflammation and relieve cough before smoking. If you do not say that you are very addicted to smoking, you can smoke a little.

If you have been smoking cigarettes, after you stop smoking cigarettes, your body naturally has to expel the smoke and dust in your lungs. At this time, you will cough a lot of phlegm. This situation will last for a period of time. Most of the friends who have quit smoking will have this situation. .

At this time, if you switch to e-cigarettes, the cough may be obvious at first, but when you get used to e-cigarettes, your cough will ease.

There are many users who have a cough when vaping occurs. The survey shows that 57% of people who have just started using e-cigarettes have a cough. But 93% also reported that it was not a long-term problem. That is, when they finally got used to vaping, the coughing stopped naturally.

Will a vaping cough ease? If you have a cough caused by illness, it is not recommended to use electronic cigarettes. If you have a cough caused by smoking cigarettes for a long time, then vaping can relieve your cough.