Alibaba International Station reiterated its strict control of e-cigarettes and related products that severely violated regulations and will close accounts

Recently, Alibaba International Station issued an announcement on reiterating strict control over e-cigarettes and related products.

According to the announcement, in accordance with relevant domestic and foreign laws and regulations, taking into account product safety and potential hazards, Alibaba International Station “Alibaba International Station Prohibition and Restriction Rules”, “Warning Announcement on Issuing Electronic Cigarette Liquid, E-liquid and Other Controlled Products” , “Announcement on Suspension of Export of Electronic Cigarette Products and Accessories to the United States” and other platform rules and announcements emphasize the control of electronic cigarettes and related products.

In view of the stricter regulation of e-cigarettes at home and abroad, this announcement reiterates the relevant content. The main content is as follows:

It is prohibited to publish e-liquid, e-liquid, cartridges, disposable e-cigarettes, and any products containing e-liquid or e-liquid. Any disposable e-cigarette and its related accessories, packaging and other products, regardless of whether it is labeled with liquid information, are treated as disposable e-cigarettes for control. The product descriptions of other e-cigarette-related products (including but not limited to detail pages and product titles) must not contain any description of the e-liquid, including but not limited to the ingredients and taste of the e-cigarette.

Other forms of e-cigarette pens and related accessories and related products (including but not limited to e-cigarette batteries, e-cigarette liquid fillers, e-cigarette packaging, etc.) must be published in the designated category “Consumer Electronics> Electronic Cigarettes)” and banned sales to American buyers.

Any e-cigarette pens and related accessories that involve drug ingredients such as CBD, THC, Delta8, Delta9, etc., such as suggesting or expressing that related products can be used to ingest drug ingredients, will be controlled as drug use tools.

Alibaba International Station emphasized that it will continue to pay attention to changes in laws and related policies in various countries and make corresponding adjustments to platform control policies accordingly. At the same time, it reminds members to issue products and transactions in compliance. Members are responsible for complying with any domestic and sales destination country laws and regulations, Alibaba international platform rules, any violations, including but not limited to publishing prohibited products, malicious circumvention of rules, deliberately confusing product information, deliberately bypassing designated categories, For countries that are prohibited from selling, when drafting credit guarantee orders, the platform will impose penalties on members, including but not limited to delisting, deleting products, deducting points, restricting the use of website product functions, and closing accounts, depending on the severity of the circumstances.