Australia urges to imitate New Zealand’s e-cigarette model

New Zealand’s national smoking rate has dropped, and representatives of small businesses have called on the Australian government to implement a similar e-cigarette consumption model.

The New Zealand government’s annual health update shows that following the legalization of nicotine-containing vaporized products sold in retail stores in 2020, the national smoking rate has dropped from 13.7% to 10.9%.

Currently in Australia, those who wish to purchase steam products must consult a general practitioner and use the prescription to go to a pharmacy or order products from overseas.

A joint statement by the Australian Association of Convenience Stores (AACS), the Association of Grocery Store Owners (MGA) and the Australian Association of Lottery and Press Agents (Australian News Agency) calls for if the Australian government really wants to reduce smoking rates and provide fair competition for retailers Environment, we should implement a vaporized consumer model.

Theo Focal, CEO of AACS, said the New Zealand model shows that by providing consumers with e-cigarettes and vapor products containing nicotine, more people will stop smoking.

“The more you restrict access to a product, the more likely it is to enter the black market. We have seen signs of this. Disposable steam is illegal, but you often see them. Currently, there are no proper regulations. To control who imports the product and what the product contains-these are all from overseas.

“We want a simple model, like the New Zealand model, where responsible retailers can sell less harmful products to adults-a model that reduces black market product incentives, and everyone knows the rules.”