British consumer groups should strengthen e-commerce regulations to control youth smoking

A London-based Consumer Choice Center (CCC) said that in the UK, where smoking is properly regulated, the smoking rate of young people has been brought under control.

CCC cited a 2021 report Smoking and Health Action to investigate the smoking behavior of young people in the UK and found that the vast majority (83%) of 11 to 18-year-olds have never tried or even heard of e-cigarettes. This finding has remained consistent since 2017.

In addition, ASH reports that among young people who have never smoked, smoking is much less. The vast majority of people in the same age group are “never smokers”, and 94.1% and 87.9% have never smoked. In addition, 6.2% of people do not even know that there are e-cigarette products.

In its recent policy statement entitled “Age Restrictions for Electronic Cigarette Products”, as cited by marginal markets, CCC recommended the following regulations:

Introduce smart regulations and impose strict age restrictions on evaporation equipment and liquids at the point of sale

Use modern age verification technology for online sales

Learn how to improve compliance rates from other industries such as alcohol and fireworks

The retail industry and industry should be encouraged to be more proactive in enforcing the rules

Don’t punish legal adult smokers for not implementing age restrictions

CCC managing director Fred Roeder said that instead of taking drastic measures, such as banning vaporized products that would only push consumers on the black market, lawmakers might as well cooperate with the industry and focus on a more coordinated approach. .

An example of this method is age checking, a secure online age verification system based in the United Kingdom. The system requires the buyer’s full name, billing address, and date of birth when placing an order.

Rod said: “We believe that strict enforcement of the ban on minors marks the difference between consenting adult consumers and consumers who are under the legal age to make these decisions. He emphasized this approach. How it proved to be successful in the UK, adding that legislators should use this as an example.