Guangzhou launches the verification work for the main body of the e-cigarette market

In order to thoroughly implement the new e-cigarette regulations and the deployment requirements of the national and provincial bureaus, effectively understand the e-cigarette market situation, and grasp the initiative of e-cigarette supervision, the Guangzhou Tobacco Monopoly Bureau of Guangdong Province “three measures” comprehensively promote e-cigarettes Recognition of market entities.

Strengthen work leadership and set up a special class to be fully responsible. The Municipal Bureau set up a special work leadership organization, mobilized and deployed at all levels, implemented responsibilities at all levels, and coordinated. All district bureaus dispatched elite troops to quickly set up an on-site inspection team to be fully responsible for the visits, inspections, information reporting, and special promotion implementation of the e-cigarette market entities under their jurisdiction, and assign special personnel to track the results of the inquiry to ensure that the organization is scientific and strict, and the information is accurate and detailed .

Strengthen work promotion, and the media platform will make more efforts. Through the “Guangzhou Daily” and its new media client, the corporate WeChat 20 media platform and other publicity media, the “Electronic Cigarette Production and Business Unit Information Submission Announcement” has been widely promoted in various forms, and the information dissemination advantages of the media platform have been used to achieve Full coverage of e-cigarette market entities to ensure the effective implementation of information disclosure. Establish and publish a hotline for verification of e-cigarette market entities, respond to the concerns of market entities in a timely manner, and actively perform market supervision responsibilities.

The implementation of work was strengthened, and the verification, reporting and review was carried out simultaneously. In response to tight working hours, heavy tasks, and complex verification procedures, the Monopoly Office of the Municipal Bureau took the initiative to promote the promotion. During holidays, special personnel were organized to conduct field visits to the main players in the e-cigarette market (manufacturers and sales companies), and accumulated first-hand practical experience. Comprehensive on-site verification provides a powerful reference. It is clarified that all district bureaus must adhere to the principle of “simultaneous reporting, review, and filing”, implement work well, strengthen overall task planning, strengthen division of labor and cooperation, continuously improve work quality and efficiency, actively perform their duties, and practice the “two supremacy”.