Indiana e-cigarette tax to take effect in July: 15% rate

On June 29, according to foreign reports, Indiana will join more than half of the states in the United States to impose taxes on electronic cigarettes on July 1.

The tax was initially set at a 25% increase in the wholesale price of all vaping packs and a 15% increase in all additional vaping products, but Senate Bill 382 lowered the rate even before it went into effect to ensure that it was used throughout the process. remain unchanged.

The new rate will be 15% of the wholesale price of all vaping packs and vaping products. This tax is in addition to the sales tax, which is 7% in Indiana.

Currently, there are 30 other states that impose taxes on e-cigarettes nationwide.

Vaping products are about to become more expensive due to the new tax, with pre-filled pods or cartridges taxed at 15% of the wholesale price, and other vaping products will be subject to a 15% retail tax.