Bangladesh ready to ban e-cigarettes

Bangladesh’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare reportedly wants to amend the country’s tobacco bill to ban e-cigarettes and oral nicotine pouches. The proposal also includes new restrictions on combustible tobacco products.

Health activists in the country have been calling for a ban on e-cigarettes, which is not mentioned in current legislation. The proposal prohibits not only the consumption of vaping products, but also the production, import, export, storage, sale and transportation of e-cigarettes or their components.

Under the scheme, people caught vaping will face fines of up to 5,000 BDT ($53.80), while producers and traders will face up to six months in prison or a fine of up to 200,000 BDT, or both. And there is. The punishment is doubled each time the crime is repeated.

E-cigarettes began to enter Bangladesh informally a few years ago and quickly became popular. As demand increased, British American Tobacco began producing and selling e-cigarettes on the market. Japan Tobacco is also reportedly preparing to sell e-cigarettes in Bangladesh.

The Ministry of Health’s proposal would also strengthen restrictions on traditional tobacco products. Among other provisions, it includes banning the use of fragrances and increasing the size of pictorial health warnings from 50% of the current legislation requirement to 90% of the surface of the package. The draft also foresees new retail licensing requirements and restrictions on where tobacco is sold.

The Ministry of Health has recently sent a copy of the draft to stakeholders. The Directorate-General of Health Services will accept comments on the draft until July 14.