Macau will ban the sale of all e-cigarette products

On June 10, it was reported that the Legislative Council of China’s Macau Special Administrative Region approved today the first draft of a bill that, if passed, would ban the sale of all vaping products in Macau. The proposed law would prohibit the manufacture, distribution, sale, import, export and transportation in and out of Macau.

The Macau Executive Council announced in January that it planned to introduce a ban on sales this year. On May 27, the government submitted draft bills that included fines of 4,000 patacas (about $500) for individual offenders and 20,000-200,000 patacas ($2,500-25,000) for businesses.

The draft bill does not yet prohibit personal use or possession, but a ban on importation and shipping would make it impossible to obtain the product without breaking the law.

The bill will now be distributed to the Legislative Council before returning to the entire Legislative Assembly for final debate and passage.

China’s Hong Kong Special Administrative Region passed a ban on e-cigarette sales in October last year. The law went into effect on April 30.