China’s electronic cigarette transaction management platform is about to run

The China Tobacco Monopoly Administration recently issued the “Answer to Questions Related to Electronic Cigarette Administrative Licensing and Product Technical Review”. Among them, it is stated that a batch of tobacco monopoly production enterprise licenses for e-cigarette-related production enterprises that meet the administrative licensing conditions will be approved and issued in the near future; and the change of tobacco monopoly wholesale licenses of e-cigarette wholesale enterprises that meet the requirements will be approved. From June 1, 2022, applications for tobacco monopoly retail licenses from the main players in the e-cigarette retail market will be accepted. After passing the review, tobacco monopoly retail licenses will be issued one after another.

In addition, it also stated that the main function of the unified e-cigarette transaction management platform has been completed, and the verification has been completed in some regions and enterprises by pilot method. On June 15, 2022, the platform will be officially launched as scheduled. At that time, the manufacturers of nicotine for electronic cigarettes, atomizer manufacturers, electronic cigarette manufacturers, electronic cigarette wholesale enterprises, electronic cigarette retail business entities, etc. that have obtained the tobacco monopoly license according to the law. The market entities of e-cigarettes should gradually go to the platform for trading and settlement. At the same time, electronic cigarette importing enterprises should gradually file the import of electronic cigarette products, vaping products, and nicotine for electronic cigarettes through the platform, and electronic cigarette manufacturers, vaping manufacturers, and nicotine manufacturers for electronic cigarettes should export electronic cigarette products and vaping products. , Nicotine for e-cigarettes should be gradually filed through the platform.