“New England Journal of Medicine”: The success rate of e-cigarettes to quit smoking is twice that of nicotine replacement

Recently, the “New England Journal of Medicine” stated that the success rate of e-cigarettes for smoking cessation is nearly twice that of nicotine replacement therapy .

The study divided nearly a thousand British smokers into two groups and followed up the survey. The data showed that after one year, the success rate of smokers who quit using e-cigarettes was 18%, while those who used nicotine patches, nicotine gum and other nicotine replacement therapies People, the success rate of smoking cessation is only 9.9%.

In addition, within one year of the study, whether it is based on the data of successfully quitting smoking for 3 months, 6 months or longer, the success rate of smoking cessation in the e-cigarette group is always higher than that of the other group.

Regarding the smoking cessation effect of e-cigarettes, the researchers stated that there are two main reasons:

1) As a substitute for cigarettes, electronic cigarettes can more effectively alleviate the withdrawal symptoms of smokers

2) E-cigarettes provide smokers with more choices, and smokers can change to different products and flavors, and have a better smoking cessation experience

Similarly, studies have shown that switching to e-cigarettes will improve the health of smokers. Studies have shown that after switching to e-cigarettes, the symptoms of respiratory infections among smokers have been reduced. “We see that with the increase in the popularity of e-cigarettes, the success rate of smokers in quitting has also increased. Those who cannot find an effective way to quit are benefiting from e-cigarettes.” Research leader, Queen Mary University of London Tobacco Dependence Said Peter Hajek, director of the sex research group.

At present, hospitals in some cities such as London and Edinburgh in the United Kingdom have decided to distribute e-cigarettes to smokers for free.