Spain wants to completely ban online sales of e-cigarettes and only support sales in specialty stores

VAPING168 Report, December 11 news, according to foreign news reports, the Spanish government has decided to control the sales and distribution of e-cigarettes because there is currently no clear and effective control system to control the sales of such nicotine-containing devices.

The Ministry of Health has a new goal: to re-enact anti-smoking legislation aimed at restricting the use of e-cigarettes because they can cause harmful short-term effects.

Fernando Fernández Bueno, a surgical oncologist at the Gómez Ulla Military Hospital and a member of the Tobacco Harm Reduction Platform, explained that the harm of e-cigarettes is 95% lower than that of traditional tobacco, because e-cigarettes do not release carcinogens like tobacco. Some people still say that e-cigarettes are worse than smoking. But nothing is worse than smoking.

According to the Ministry of Health, there is currently no clear and effective control system for the sales and distribution of e-cigarettes. The government’s biggest concern is that these devices may encourage young people and non-smokers to experiment, and they may be attracted to e-cigarettes because of the color of the vaporizer or the taste used.

The Ministry of Health, headed by Carolina Darias, expressed concern about the sale of these devices and explained that there are a large number of websites where nicotine-based devices can be purchased online, and the methods to prevent minors from contacting them are not sufficient. Or effective.

The government hopes to completely ban online sales of e-cigarettes, with the goal of only supporting sales in specialized tobacco stores. They also warned that these new measures will have an impact on the price of e-cigarettes.