SMOK NORD vape review

SMOK NORD is a portable small cigarette set produced by SMOK. The biggest difference from the predecessor NOVO is that it uses a physical button to trigger the ignition. This change also makes this small cigarette more. The joy of manual control.

The appearance still continues the SMOK family design language “snake pattern”, the palm is the size, the overall feel is round, retains the oil tank observation window and the curved nozzle that fits the lips more. The main body and the upper and lower edges of the fuselage are made of high-gloss stainless steel. The inside of the battery pole is plated with gold contact poles. The bottom is designed with rubber pads. From the thickness of the fuselage edge, the workmanship is relatively solid. There is no need to worry about extrusion and deformation. The charging interface is placed on the fuselage. The bottom greatly improves the integrity of the fuselage.

Reusable 3ml oil storage tank, support replacement of multiple specifications of atomizer cores

increase the thickness on the premise of the same overall height, built-in 1100mAh battery capacity, this battery capacity can be described as unmatched in the same type of products.

Small size mini drawer type The packaging box, the front product main image is centered, the product features are arranged vertically on the right side, the product introduction and usage warnings are printed on the back of the packaging, and the side uses the latest front-end laser anti-counterfeiting technology to ensure that consumers can instantly identify the authenticity of the product.

Package configuration:

1x NORD host 1x 3ml oil storage tank

1x 0.6Ω steel mesh core 1x 1.4Ω conventional core

1x USB data cable

1x manual

product parameters

For operation and use, NORD uses a physical button ignition button, 5 times to switch the machine/single click to ignite, support double-click power display, a LED power indicator can be seen above the button, green is greater than 70% / orange 50% / red is less than 30%, The three colors correspond to the remaining power of the third gear, and the observation window of the shuttle-type oil tank is reserved to observe the remaining fuel at all times.

Adopting the mainstream flat duck mouth nozzle shape, compared with the predecessor NOVO nozzle, the lower straight line is changed to a curved shape that fits the curvature of the lips. It is more user-friendly in terms of suction comfort. The

actual size is compared to the left N1. The thinnest product I have used, compared with NORD, is more dominant in height, with increased width and thickness, but in terms of battery specifications, NORD has a capacity of 700mAh more than N1, reaching 1100mAh Milliampere, for a portable small cigarette product, it shows that such a large-capacity battery has the advantages of battery life experience.

NORD is equipped with a reusable atomization chamber, and its large 3ml oil storage capacity is also not in similar products. More common, 3ml corresponds to 1100mAh mAh battery host, which is basically comparable to RTA oil storage atomizers of common specifications

Viewed from above, the top of the inverted triangle inside the nozzle using a funnel shape, which is to maximize the effect of accelerating a reflux condenser, in order to avoid condensation problems inlet

atomizing cartridge main electrode portion and the core after installation, see hosts using similar Magnetic interface type three-point contact pole, black rubber material is used around the pole to avoid condensation corrosion.

Replaceable independent atomizing core, the NORD package contains two atomizing cores of different specifications, 0.6Ω steel mesh core/1.4Ω conventional core, of which 0.6Ω is the steel mesh core, which has fast heating speed and better smoke effect , 1.4Ω is a conventional vertical core core using butyl salt throat feel better, additional support for the use of ceramic cores, ceramic cores need to be purchased separately, if it can support the extended use of vertical core DIY core, I believe this pod is fun Sex will be better.

The connection between the atomization core and the atomization chamber adopts the apron butt joint treatment. After the close connection, it becomes a complete atomizer structure. The atomization heating is completed by adsorbing the smoke oil through the oil guide hole of the atomization core, which can also be understood as The atomization chamber supports repeated use. You only need to replace the atomization core in the future

. The oil injection hole on the side of the atomization chamber is sealed by a rubber gasket. Remember to install the atomization core before oil injection. Larger, it fully supports the direct injection of refined oil bottles, and

the resistance is quite satisfactory. It is not a compact type. It caters to mouth inhalation and can also support the experience of small lung smoking fog. Key ignition is a recent trend of small cigarette equipment, operating experience Although the above is not as free and casual as the pneumatic smoke, but the ignition burst caused by the physical button is obviously strengthened, which is no small surprise.

The endurance experience is particularly obvious. Using 1.4Ω for 1100mAh can extend the charging frequency to more than 1.5-2 days. Fully charged daily trips can completely get rid of the shackles of the data line. The kit only provides an atomization chamber, which needs to be cleaned when using different flavors of e-liquid , If one more atomization chamber can be used alternately, I believe it will be more convenient for the actual experience.