Why is relx vape not charging?

relx vape not charging on the two cases, the first one is charging the wrong way, the second battery is bad, and the third with smoke bombs charging smoke bomb is bad, so today we talk about this problem.

Why is relx vape not charging

The first type: change the charging cable, change the charging plug, change the power connection, it can be solved.

The second type: the battery is broken. There is almost no possibility of repairing this. Unless you are specializing in this area, you can repair it yourself, otherwise it is now covered by specialty stores nationwide.

The third type: just pull out the broken cartridge. It is generally not recommended to charge the cartridge with the cartridge.

relx vape charging methods:

During use, when the battery pole LED light flashes 3 times, it indicates that the battery is insufficient and needs to be charged:

Screw the threaded end of the battery rod into the threaded interface of the USB charging cable.

Then, connect the USB charging cable to the computer to charge directly, or connect the adapter first and then turn on the power.

Note: When charging the battery pole, the LED light shows red; after 3 hours, the LED light shows green when the battery is fully charged.

relx vape official charging instructions:

The battery capacity is 350 mAh, which is enough for one day of use. The manual for USB charging indicates that the time is 45-60 minutes to fully charge; the cartridge capacity is 2ML, generally charging for 45-60 minutes is almost the same. The breathing light behind it is fully charged. It will be wiped out by itself, you can pull it off when you see it wiped out. Generally, if it is fully charged, it will be enough for one day. The addiction to cigarettes is not too big. Usually, you can smoke more than half a pack a day. After using RELX, it seems to be less than before. Generally, it will be charged for one hour at night, and the next day will be enough. used.

Why is relx vape not charging? Excluding the wrong charging method, it may be that the electronic cigarette is out of order, just contact the brand for replacement in time.