The gap between the best-selling e-cigarette Juul and Vuse in the United States has narrowed

Nielsen’s latest analysis of convenience store data shows that the market share gap between the best-selling e-cigarettes in the United States continues to shrink.

The report covers the four weeks ending December 4th.

This time, due to the slight decline in market share of the No. 1 Juul, profit margins have shrunk even more.

Nielsen determined that Juul was 38.2%, lower than the 38.8% in the previous report.

At the same time, RJ Reynolds Vapor Co.’s Vuse brand has a market share of 34%, which is the same as the previous report.

NJoy is 3%, which is the same as the previous report, while Fontem Ventures’ blu eCigs is 2.4%, which is unchanged.

Overall, in the last four weeks, sales of e-cigarettes increased by 6.7% year-on-year, driven by recent price increases.

Since February 2020, sales of e-cigarettes have generally declined, when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration implemented the latest round of stricter regulations on products.

These restrictions first require e-cigarette manufacturers based on cartridges, such as Juul Labs Inc., Reynolds Vapor, NJoy and Fontem, to stop manufacturing, distributing and selling “unauthorized flavors” in February 2021, otherwise they will face law enforcement The risk of action.

Juul’s 4-week dollar sales have fallen from a 50.2% increase on August 10, 2019 to a 9.7% decrease in the latest report.

In contrast, Reynolds’s Vuse rose by 50.1% in the latest report, while the third-ranked NJoy fell by 23.2%, and the fourth-ranked blue eCigs fell by 13.8%.

Goldman Sachs analyst Bonnie Herzog once stated that NJoy “refuted Nielsen’s data and methodology.”

On October 12, the FDA issued a landmark ruling, approving Vuse Solo products from a public health perspective as suitable for sale to smokers.

The FDA order covers the tobacco flavor of the Vuse Solo closed electronic nicotine delivery system, its power unit and two replacement ink cartridges.

However, the FDA rejected the submission of 10 flavored Vuse Solo products. It stated that it is “still evaluating” the company’s application for mint flavored products for Vuse Solo.

Reynolds expressed, FDA’s command “to confirm Vuse Solo product is suitable for the protection of public health, he stressed over the years to ensure that more than 21-year-old adult Nicholas Ding consumers have access to innovative and less harmful nicotine traditional scientific research and study alternatives “.

The Vuse Solo product is the first product approved by the FDA through a daunting regulatory challenge known as the pre-market tobacco product application (PMTA) process.