ammo Oscar in-depth reviews

As a enthusiast who has experienced several e-cigarette brands, today I will talk to you about the most popular ammo Oscar series that was launched recently.

At present, the ammo Oscar series has launched 4 colors, the general ammo series of cartridges, there are probably more than 70 flavors, let’s take a look at the ammo experience.

Pierre’s new autumn product, the ammo Oscar, the whole host adopts a three-stage structure similar to Hamburg. The body is stamped and formed with zinc alloy materials. The front and back sides are made of vacuum plating and mirror texture. The machine is placed under the sun to make the body in the original color. On the basis of, it presents a free flowing three-dimensional dazzling luster, colorful, eye-catching and simple.

In the day-to-day use, its body size is just right ergonomics, comfortable and natural to hold, soft and gentle to the touch. After inserting the cartridge, the overall weight and pressure are very good.

In the process of using, the smart interactive color screen on the ammo Oscar fuselage made me particularly pleasantly surprised. Every time I plug in the cartridge, smoke, charge, and record my daily smoking habits.

When the adaptable cartridge is plugged into the ammo Oscar, the vibration of the body is accompanied by the screen lights up, and the “lost cartridge” icon in the upper left corner of the screen instantly changes to the “ammo” logo, indicating that the cartridge has been confirmed to be connected in place and can be normal use.

Take a breath, the color screen will light up and work, and the firework will start to change with the inhalation. At the same time, the value of the “Mouth Mode” will increase with the number of inhalations, and the breathing light of the body will also flash, so that every breath can be seen.

I am usually accustomed to using simple electronic cigarettes. The first time I am exposed to the ammo Oscar with a game interactive mode, it is still amazing. In the game interactive mode, the dual experience of interacting while smoking and playing while playing can be realized.

The ammo Oscar interactive mode, the dice and the aspirator move together, to achieve the combination of human body movement and atomization interactive, which not only increases the fun, but also is full of sense of science and technology, while also taking into account the adult users’ pursuit of new products.

Nowadays, people are generally worried about battery life, and battery capacity should be the biggest issue. In terms of battery hardware, the Asammo Oscar charger has a capacity of 460mAh and is equipped with TYPE-C high-rate fast charging. The charger’s charger is presented in a digital way. After using it for half a month, it was found that the atomization rod needs about 45 minutes to inflate, and the long battery life can also meet the needs of most users for 1 to 2 inflations.

In short, ammo Oscar has met my key requirements for product experience. The original design of “intelligent interactive color screen + real-time recording + game interactive mode” has begun to look forward to the next product.