are vapes safe?

are vapes safe?I think vape is safer than cigarettes. The vape I smoke basically only contains 3% nicotine, which is much less than cigarettes, and it does not contain tar.

are vapes safe?

When I smoked cigarettes before, my throat was prone to accumulate phlegm, and I felt very uncomfortable. The teeth were also prone to calculus. They were yellow and really ugly. The smell of smoke on my body was also great, and I would habitually keep away from others.

Later, when I smoked vape, my sputum was basically no longer accumulating, and my teeth were not so yellow. My friend said that I could hardly smell smoke, because I prefer to smoke fruity vape, so when I was with my friends, they accidentally smelled it. When it comes to the taste, I am not too disgusted (before I smoked, I basically found a place to smoke alone to avoid affecting others. Now I still keep this habit of smoking vape, but sometimes I smoke and my friends come around)。

In order to answer this question, I went to find some information:

The BBC has published a documentary “Vape: Miracle or Threat”, which shows the analysis results of traditional cigarettes and vape smoke, showing that traditional cigarettes can produce 6000 compounds when burned, of which about 100 are harmful or possibly harmful; while vape smoke The concentration of various compounds has decreased drastically.

The documentary also tells about another experiment. It used living cells of the respiratory system as the test subjects and exposed them to traditional tobacco smoke and vape smoke respectively. The results showed that the survival rate of the subjects in the smoke of traditional tobacco was 6%. The survival rate in vape smoke is 53%.

Public Health England (PHE) has also publicly stated that the harm of vape is about 95% lower than that of traditional tobacco.

Therefore, I personally think that vape is safer and healthier than ordinary cigarettes. But these are just for the subject’s reference~~ You can choose vape or cigarette according to your own habits, but no matter when it is a vape or a cigarette, it is best not to smoke in a fair occasion, it is best to smoke alone. Take it somewhere, after all, our enjoyment cannot be based on the suffering of others.