Is relx vape harmful to your health?

Is relx vape harmful to your health? In recent years, the field of e-cigarettes has developed rapidly. As the leader of China’s e-cigarette industry, relx has attracted the attention and love of many consumers with its high quality and good taste. It is said that traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes are actually harmful. Let’s take a look at the reality.

relx vape

Is relx vape harmful to your health?

Jiang Xingtao, head of the inspection laboratory of RELX, pointed out at the conference that benzene, four kinds of nitrous acid and other harmful gas components in the atmosphere have been reduced by 99.1% and 99.8%, respectively. It is conservatively estimated that the cytotoxicity of atmospheric aerosols has also been reduced. More than 90%. In addition, RELX’s commercial atmospheric aerosols do not show genetic toxicity, and the risk of pulmonary fibrosis is low.

But he also pointed out that although e-cigarettes have a relatively unified understanding of harm reduction at this stage, the scientific direct evidence at this stage is not solid enough or there are areas of controversy. At present, there are still many doubts in the industry about the harm of electronic cigarettes to the body, especially whether electronic cigarettes are less harmful than traditional tobacco.

Many well-known e-cigarette brands believe that e-cigarettes will not release e-cigarette oil and cause less harm to the human body, but in fact, there is no direct evidence for the correct name.

The big difference between e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes is that the basic principle of thick smoke is different. It does not burn tobacco at high temperature, but volatilizes e-liquid according to the hot equipment of the electronic device. The specially made e-liquid releases a large amount of thick Smoke, which simulates the actual effect of cigarette burning. The principle of a traditional cigarette is that heavy smoke is released according to combustion, which is inhaled by the user. There are many harmful substances in the cigarette.

The main cause of this harmful substance is combustion, such as nicotine, carbon monoxide, etc. These are the biggest suspects of harming physical and mental health. In this plan, e-cigarettes are not completely burned, so they will not cause harm to the above. Therefore, from the perspective of this plan, e-cigarettes are healthier than cigarettes.

In e-cigarettes and cigarettes, the most important part is the nicotine, carbon monoxide and many harmful substances released when they burn. Because electronic cigarettes are not in a burning state, they are physically and mentally healthier than cigarettes. In recent years, China’s e-cigarette industry has developed rapidly, and many well-known brands have emerged.

Like most e-cigarettes, although the hazards are relatively small, they are basically negligible compared with cigarettes. The two evils meet. In unavoidable circumstances, natural selection theory is relatively light. The electronic cigarette based on the atomization device turns into thick smoke, and when inhaled into the lungs, it is not easy to produce fine particulate residues, it is not irritating to the lungs, and there is no harm from second-hand smoke. For smokers, compared with smokers, smoking e-cigarettes has certain benefits for both people and themselves.

In addition, RELX electronic cigarettes contain a lot of condiments. Although the national standards recognize that they are safe at this stage, some of them are called slightly toxic, and inhalation under warming is very likely to cause irreversible lung disease.

In general, compared with traditional cigarettes, RELX Electronic Cigarettes have fewer carcinogens and are less harmful as a whole. However, the harm at the level of the respiratory system cannot be ignored. It is already inhaled, so it is necessary to control the amount of inhalation.