Is vape worse than cigarettes?

Is vape worse than cigarettes? E-cigarettes and cigarettes are often compared. After all, it is very important to harm this thing. It is necessary to figure out which one is better. Today VAPING168 will compare the harms of the two.

Is vape worse than cigarettes

Is vape worse than cigarettes?

According to experts, electronic cigarettes are more harmful than cigarettes. Compared with cigarettes, e-cigarettes are free of harmful substances such as hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide, tar, lead, carbon dioxide, arsenic, acrolein, mercury, etc., so they will not cause any health effects. In addition, its nicotine solution is atomized to form aerosols, which are quickly diluted in the air, and low-density aerosols are difficult to absorb again, so second-hand smoke will not be formed. Therefore, e-cigarettes will not endanger the health of smokers and those around them.

In addition, we can compare and analyze the difference between the two.

The main ingredients in traditional tobacco: cut tobacco, tobacco flakes, flavors and fragrances, moisturizers, filters, cigarette paper.

Ingredients contained in e-cigarettes: atomizers, functional devices (poles, boxes, etc.), e-liquid (PG/VG, flavors and fragrances, nicotine)

Compare the hazards from each component. Smoking cigarettes releases nicotine by burning shredded tobacco, and the human body absorbs nicotine.

Whether smoking or e-cigarettes, the only purpose is actually to obtain nicotine. When nicotine enters the body, it is transported through the blood and can pass through the blood-brain barrier. It only takes an average of 7 seconds to reach the brain after inhalation. The half-life of nicotine in the human body is about 2 hours. The liver is the main organ that metabolizes nicotine, and the decomposing enzyme is Cytochrome P450.

In recent years, many domestic and foreign experts believe that the nicotine in cigarettes is not too harmful. The real carcinogens are tar and carbon monoxide. Another popular science: nicotine is not only found in tobacco leaves, but also in the fruits of many solanaceous plants. For example, tomatoes, medlar and other plants contain nicotine, and these vegetables and medicinal materials are recognized as harmful to the human body. Good healthy food.

The shredded tobacco and tobacco slices in traditional tobacco are all tobacco products (tobacco: annual or limited perennial herbaceous plant of the Solanaceae family). At present, the main types of cigarettes sold in my country are flue-cured tobacco. According to the “Statistics of Tobacco Germplasm Resources Modified Tobacco Leaf 1998-2004” published by China Tobacco Group, the average content of chemical components in flue-cured tobacco are: total sugar 23.08%, reducing sugar 19.63%, total nitrogen 2.00%, nicotine 1.99% , Protein 10.32%, Schmuck value 2.45, total sugar/nicotine 14.21, total nitrogen/nicotine 1.15. Tobacco also contains trace amounts of radioactive substance polonium-210.

The composition of cigarette paper is: bleached hemp pulp, also mixed with partially bleached wood pulp or straw pulp, high-viscosity beating, filling (calcium carbonate) and a small amount of combustion aid (to coordinate the burning speed of cigarette paper and tobacco shreds)

The main harmful substances to the human body are the substances produced by combustion. For example: tar (carcinogen and carcinogen), benzopyrene (highly active indirect carcinogen), heavy metals (Cd, Cr, As, Pb, etc.), gas pollutants (carbon monoxide, acrolein, hydrocyanic acid, monoxide) Nitrogen, nitrogen dioxide, acetone, sulfide, ammonia, phenol, acetaldehyde, etc.)

The only harmful ingredient in e-cigarettes is nicotine, and no harmful substances in other cigarettes.

In summary, it is obvious that e-cigarettes are less harmful.

From the above content, electronic cigarettes are less harmful than paper cigarettes, so electronic cigarettes are a good tool to replace cigarettes. You can try electronic cigarettes instead of paper cigarettes.