Which is the most harmful iqos or real cigarette?

First of all, you need to know that the process of traditional cigarette smoking is to ignite the cigarette and produce smoke through a combustion process of up to 600-900 degrees. The combustion process produces a large amount of harmful substances, which are mixed with the main ingredients required by smokers such as nicotine. At the same time, inhaled aerosols are formed, and the mixing of these harmful substances is the main cause of human damage.


However, heating without burning is another mode. It only heats without burning. By heating up to 300 degrees, the e-liquid, nicotine, essential oil and other components inside the carrier can be turned into aerosols without generating a large amount of combustion. Harmful substances, thus allowing users to obtain nicotine and other e-liquid substances and reduce the intake of harmful substances.

IQOS just passed the US FDA Harm Reduction Tobacco Product Certification in July. The FDA believes that switching to heat-not-burn for traditional cigarette users is beneficial for reducing users’ exposure to harmful substances and potentially harmful substances. According to research, up to 15 harmful substances can be reduced.

Reducing does not mean harmless.

I think everyone who knows here will understand. If you can avoid it, of course you don’t smoke well. If you must smoke, then choose one with less harmful substances and less harmful to the body.