Are e-cigarettes allowed indoors in Germany?

Do many countries allow e-cigarettes? Germany is currently relatively loose on electronic cigarettes, and it is possible to use and sell electronic cigarettes, but many friends may not know much about the policy in Germany, so today VAPING168 will introduce it to you.

Are e-cigarettes allowed indoors in Germany?

There is currently no regulation on the use of electronic cigarettes in Germany, and there is no relevant ban, so smoking electronic cigarettes is allowed in Germany, but pay attention to the following, indoors, it is not allowed to use electronic cigarettes, outdoor, you can use it freely .

The indoor here refers to the indoor in the public area. It is definitely okay if you are in your own home, but you cannot smoke electronic cigarettes in public places. If you use e-cigarettes in public places such as restaurants, shopping malls, or theaters, regardless of the feelings of others, the general situation should be stopped by people around you, or quarrels, or the use of e-cigarettes is suspended.

Germany has no regulatory measures for the use of e-cigarettes in public places, no special taxes on e-cigarettes, no regulations on cross-border sales, and only slight restrictions on the advertising of such products.

Are e-cigarettes allowed indoors in Germany? At present, Germany is one of the countries with the loosest regulation of electronic cigarettes, so Germany can use electronic cigarettes, but it is not recommended to smoke indoors in public places. After all, not everyone accepts electronic cigarettes.