Are e-cigarettes allowed indoors in the Philippines?

This room still depends on the situation. If it is a private space, of course, it is also possible. After all, it is only you, but if it is in a public place, it is absolutely not acceptable indoors.

Are e-cigarettes allowed indoors in the Philippines?

If it’s your own home, of course it’s fine. After all, it’s not a public place, but it’s absolutely not acceptable indoors, and you may be caught. On February 28, the Philippine government issued a new smoking ban, requiring the Philippines to completely ban smoking in public places, and the government will further strengthen the management of the production and sale of electronic cigarettes.

It can be seen that this e-cigarette policy is very strict. Is smoking allowed indoors in the Philippines? The use of electronic cigarettes must be banned in both indoor and outdoor public places. Those who violate the above rules will be punished with up to 4 months in prison and a fine of 5,000 pesos (about 700 yuan).

However, you can smoke e-cigarettes in the smoking area, so you can smoke as long as you go to the smoking area, and no one cares about it in your own home, but it is not recommended to smoke e-cigarettes in your own home. After all, the amount of smoke is still quite large.

Now, in the Philippines, smoking is completely banned in almost all public places, such as hotels, airports, shopping malls, guesthouses, small bars and cars, where smoking is hardly allowed. So if you go to the Philippines, you must pay attention not to smoke in non-smoking areas, including e-cigarettes.

All in all, as long as the Philippines is a non-smoking area, e-cigarettes cannot be smoked indoors or outdoors, and can only be smoked in smoking areas, so everyone in the Philippines must pay attention to the non-smoking signs.