Can I bring e-cigarettes in Cambodia?

E-cigarettes are considered by many to be a better way to quit smoking and are safer and cleaner than tobacco. At the same time, to attract consumers, tobacco manufacturers have started to produce e-cigarettes in a variety of flavors, which are banned in many countries, such as Cambodia.

Can I bring e-cigarettes in Cambodia?

Under the current Cambodian e-cigarette policy, the sale, import and use of e-cigarettes is prohibited in Cambodia.

Over the past year, Cambodia has issued a ban on the import of e-cigarettes, while opposing e-cigarettes. Since then, e-cigarettes will also be gradually banned from being promoted online. On May 20 this year, the Cambodian Health Movement (CMH) issued a circular on a new round of e-cigarette control measures, strictly prohibiting any enterprises and individuals from posting e-cigarette advertisements on social media.

The Cambodian government hates the use of e-cigarettes so much that the country’s leaders have banned e-cigarettes twice. It is clear that the Cambodian State Department has expressed dissatisfaction with the first ban on sales and imports in 2014, and has recently banned the product again.

Cambodia is one of the Southeast Asian countries that has enacted a ban on e-cigarettes at the call of the World Health Organization and an anti-smoking tobacco control group linked to Bloomberg.

Can I bring e-cigarettes in Cambodia? Judging from the current information, e-cigarettes are prohibited in Cambodia, so it is not recommended that you bring e-cigarettes to Cambodia to avoid unnecessary trouble.