Can I bring e-cigarettes when traveling to the United States?

Many friends travel to the United States, but they are often accompanied by electronic cigarettes. Of course, they want to take them with them. So, can you bring them? That’s a question, don’t be troubled by being detained in the United States, so today VAPING168 will answer it for you.

Can I bring e-cigarettes when traveling to the United States?

E-cigarettes are not prohibited in the United States, so they can be carried, but you must comply with the regulations of international flights. The capacity of e-liquid on the plane is limited, so you are optimistic about the amount of e-liquid you bring.

In fact, you do not need to carry electronic cigarettes by yourself. You can go to the United States to buy electronic cigarettes. It is still very simple to buy electronic cigarettes in the United States.

Americans who need to be checked are prohibited from carrying prescription drugs that are not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA); containing ephedrine, strychnine, morphine (other precursors) and traditional Chinese medicines. Chenpi, licorice tablets, etc. are all illegal drugs;

Generally, electronic cigarettes do not belong to this category, so they can be entered normally.

In short, you can carry electronic cigarettes when traveling to the United States, so everyone can rest assured, but be careful not to violate the regulations during the security check of the plane. If it is not possible, you can send it by international express.