can i bring my vape on a plane?

People who are addicted to smoking definitely need to bring cigarettes when going out, and electronic cigarettes are no exception. Then they often take airplanes when they go out. People know that the most airplane is a match lighter. You can never bring a cigarette. You can bring cigarettes. , But it’s not allowed to smoke on airplanes. This has almost become common sense. The same goes for e-cigarettes. You can bring them on the plane, but you can’t use them. If you bring e-cigarettes on the plane, there are a few details that need to be paid attention to.

vape on plane

can i bring my vape on a plane?

E-cigarettes are electronic products, so the battery will be involved. If the e-cigarette is an external battery, that is, if you need to install a battery, it is recommended to carry the battery with you. The batteries of e-cigarettes are small batteries, which can be carried on the plane without affecting the plane. When going through the security check, the processing method is the same as that of a mobile phone. On the plane, because the air pressure will cause the cartridge to leak oil, be sure to keep the cartridge and the stick separately.

The second point is to separate the machine and the atomizer, and then empty the e-liquid in the atomizer. If you take an airplane, you can use a small e-cigarette that does not exceed 100ml of e-cigarette. Because of the presence of batteries, e-cigarettes generally cannot be checked in the suitcase. It is recommended to carry them with you.


E-cigarettes can be taken on the plane, but here is a special reminder. E-cigarettes are strictly prohibited on airplanes. The smoke alarm system on airplanes is very sensitive. Do not try to use e-cigarettes on airplanes to avoid legal liability.