can you vape while pregnant?

Many women nowadays also smoke, but what do women do when they are pregnant sometimes? After all, if you are pregnant in October, you must not smoke for ten months, and now there are e-cigarettes on the market, and they all say that e-cigarettes are less harmful and have the feeling of cigarettes, so can you vape while pregnant? Still more serious.

can you vape while pregnant?

The answer is not to smoke. The principle of smoking cessation for e-cigarettes is very simple. It is to use e-liquid containing nicotine (from high to low), and finally to e-liquid containing nicotine with a concentration of 0, instead of ordinary cigarettes to relieve addiction, so that people can gradually get rid of Physical dependence of nicotine. Nicotine can directly enter the fetus through the placenta, slowing down embryo development, causing malformations, miscarriage and congenital heart disease. Therefore, pregnant women are not allowed to smoke electronic cigarettes.

Pregnant women cannot smoke electronic cigarettes. Although there is no tobacco in e-cigarettes, nicotine is also present. The blood of the pregnant woman and the fetus is connected. When the pregnant woman smokes electronic cigarettes, the fetus will be exposed to nicotine through the blood connection, so pregnant women cannot smoke electronic cigarettes.

Pregnant women should avoid all products containing nicotine

Gregory Conley, president of the industry group of the American Vapor and Smoke Association, agrees with this view and believes that expectant mothers must not be exposed to any form of nicotine. Although smokeless nicotine products are generally much less harmful than smoked products, it is best for expectant mothers to stay away. Including products such as nicotine patches and chewing gum approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

What are the effects of smoking during pregnancy on the fetus?

Miscarriage and premature delivery

Due to the special bond between the pregnant woman and the fetus, smoking during pregnancy can easily lead to miscarriage, premature delivery, and weight loss at birth.


Nicotine has the effect of constricting blood vessels, affecting the sympathetic nerves, excites the adrenal system, and releases into the blood to increase acetylcholine and catecholamines, resulting in insufficient uterine placental nutrition, or fetal death.

Mentally handicapped children

The nicotine, carbon monoxide and other harmful substances in e-cigarettes are absorbed into the mother’s blood along with the smoke, which reduces the oxygen content in the mother’s blood, and the blood oxygen content in the placenta is affected. Easily have intellectual disability.

Deformed baby

Pregnant women smoke e-cigarettes during pregnancy. The chemicals in e-cigarettes enter the fetus through the placenta and indirectly act on DNA through activities, which can cause deformed babies.

It can be seen from the above that pregnant women are not allowed to smoke e-cigarettes, because e-cigarettes also contain certain harmful substances, which will have a bad effect on the fetus. Therefore, in order to give birth to a healthy baby, you still need to refrain from smoking. The impact on the fetus is huge.