Can I bring relx pods into Australia? Attached to the Australian e-cigarette policy

Friends who go to Australia to work or travel ask if relx pods can be brought into the country. This will explain the Australian e-cigarette policy in detail, so that we can know if we can bring them in. It is understood that Australia currently prohibits nicotine e-cigarettes, so Normally, you can’t bring it in.

Australian e-cigarette policy

Can I bring relx cartridges into Australia?

E-cigarettes containing nicotine are illegal in Australia, and relx pods contain nicotine, so relx pods are also illegal in Australia, so Australia is not allowed to carry any pods containing nicotine.

It is understood that personal use of e-cigarettes and e-liquids containing nicotine in Australia must have a prescription from a registered doctor for personal treatment, otherwise it is also illegal. Failure to comply with the following regulations may also risk penalties and confiscation at customs.

Australian e-cigarette policy:

According to a statement from the Australian Department of Health, in order to reduce the public health risks caused by nicotine, the Australian government intends to ask the Governor in Council to formulate regulations from July 1, 2020 to ban the import of vaping nicotine (nicotine liquid and nicotine salt) . E-cigarettes unless prescribed by a doctor.

The ban will remain in place for 12 months to allow public consultation on the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) regulation of nicotine products in the form of amendments to the Standards for Poisons. This will mean that vaporizer nicotine products, including nicotine-containing e-cigarettes, will require a valid prescription (except for tobacco cigarettes or TGA-approved smoking cessation products such as gum, sprays and patches).

From October 1, Australian consumers will need a valid prescription to legally obtain nicotine vaping products such as nicotine e-cigarettes, nicotine cartridges and liquid nicotine from overseas websites. A valid prescription is already required to buy nicotine vaping products from an Australian pharmacy.

Simply put, there are three ways to legally obtain nicotine-containing e-cigarettes:

  1. Electronic cigarette users can buy it at a pharmacy with a prescription
  2. E-cigarette users buy overseas products online with prescriptions
  3. E-cigarettes without nicotine can be sold directly without a prescription

To sum up, if relx pods cannot be brought into Australia, they will be detained by customs, so friends who want to bring electronic cigarettes can pay attention to the following, you can go to the local place to find channels to buy, or you can find a doctor to prescribe, this place manages It is quite strict, even stricter than our domestic e-cigarette policy.