Is it better to smoke e-cigarettes or cigarettes?

Is it better to smoke e-cigarettes or cigarettes? The answer to this question is still very clear. In terms of harm, e-cigarettes are obviously smaller than ordinary cigarettes. This is also an important reason why e-cigarettes were first used as a substitute for ordinary cigarettes to treat smoking addiction. whichever is lighter.

Is it better to smoke e-cigarettes or cigarettes?

For this problem, it is best not to smoke at all. If you must smoke, I think e-cigarettes are better.

“E-cigarettes are safer than cigarettes” has always been a consensus that many medical organizations have called on the public. The easiest to understand answer is that electronic cigarettes do not have tar in cigarettes, they do not burn when heated, and the harmful substances that cause cancer in cigarettes are all produced by the burning of tar. less harmful than cigarettes. In fact, many medical organizations have already drawn valid conclusions, but 99% of them are foreign research, and domestic smokers rarely understand.

When traditional cigarettes burn, the temperature will reach more than 700 degrees, and the high temperature during burning will cause a large number of chemical reactions and cracking reactions, producing carbon monoxide and tar. Smoke contains more than 7,000 known chemical substances, more than 250 kinds of harmful substances, and 69 kinds of carcinogens.

One of the biggest advantages of e-cigarettes is that they do not contain tar, but use safe VG (glycerol) and PG (propylene glycol) as substitutes, both of which are common organic solvents. We can see two ingredients when we open skin care products, A very safe ingredient, at least not enough evidence to consider it harmful.

Finally, if you are vaping to quit smoking , then I highly recommend you, if you are getting into the vaping pit because of quitting smoking. I suggest that you quit smoking slowly, because the development time of e-cigarettes is too short, there are many things that are not standardized, there are many unpredictable things, and long-term use is not recommended.