can you vape on a plane?

can you vape on a plane? It is well known that smoking is harmful to health, so smoking is prohibited in public places. As everyone knows, vape can also cause second-hand smoke, and they cannot be smoked in public, so e-cigarettes cannot be smoked on airplanes.

vape on a plane

can you vape on a plane?

Can not

The aircraft cabin is a confined space, and the air is not circulated, which is likely to cause health hazards. Many toxic and harmful substances and various additives contained in smoking on board will pollute the cabin environment.

In addition, e-cigarettes are powered by batteries, and once they fail, there is a great risk. According to reports, a man in Santa Ana, Southern California, smoked a modified e-cigarette in his bedroom in the early hours of the morning. The e-cigarette device exploded while he was swallowing fog. The explosion was so violent that fragments of the device flew everywhere in the room, a small piece of which was embedded in the ceiling of the bedroom, and the clothing on the bed was also ignited. The man later had to receive facial and hand treatments in the hospital, and it was very difficult to recover. It can be seen that if the electronic cigarette explodes or catches fire in the cabin, the consequences will be disastrous. Not only that, the smoke generated by electronic cigarettes is very likely to trigger the smoke sensing system on the plane, causing passengers to panic and causing great inconvenience to the operation of the plane.

Reminder: Like cigarettes, electronic cigarettes cannot be used in public places. In addition, when you choose e-cigarettes, you must choose products that pass strict standard tests, and you also need to use e-cigarettes moderately. “Moderation” is an attitude to life.