Do e-cigarettes hurt the lungs or cigarettes hurt the lungs?

Do e-cigarettes hurt the lungs or cigarettes hurt the lungs? Nowadays, there are many detection and analysis reports on the Internet, including authoritative articles and non-authoritative articles, so in fact, which one is the most harmful can be seen at a glance. The composition of real cigarettes is complex, with more than 5,000 chemical components, while the composition of electronic cigarettes is very simple, including only nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, natural flavors and so on.

Do e-cigarettes hurt the lungs or cigarettes hurt the lungs?

According to the above-mentioned ingredients, we all know that the more ingredients in cigarettes, the more complex the product will be, and the greater the impact on the human body may be. In terms of ingredients, cigarettes are more harmful and more harmful to the lungs. Cigarette combustion also produces a variety of toxic carcinogens such as tar, carbon monoxide, and aldehydes, which become second-hand and third-hand smoke that pollutes the public health environment.

Nowadays, various control regulations have also appeared in electronic cigarettes. For example, adding various flavor components to electronic cigarettes will increase the harm of electronic cigarettes. Therefore, there is a suggestion that unnecessary flavors will not only cause non-smokers and young users. It will also complicate the components of e-liquid, increase the uncertainty of the product after heating, and make the research on the components of e-cigarettes difficult.

Here I share a real case, hoping to give some friends who want to quit smoking some experience. I used to be a smoker of 2 packs of cigarettes a day. I felt very ashamed at the beginning of high school. I started smoking, but I thought it was cool, and then I started smoking. Also thought it was fun. When I was in middle school, I always went to the toilet once in my spare time. When I was in college, I completely let myself go. The result: silent coughing, midnight breathing!

From March 2018 to October 2019, I have been smoking cigarettes, until one of my hip-hop fan colleagues won a box of electronic cigarettes (I won’t say what brand), and he gave it away if he didn’t smoke. Me, this is what I advertised. Seriously, most people who smoke must be thinking the same thing I was thinking when I first started, is this? Farts just to get people to stop smoking? I really despise you.

So I dropped the clothes he sent on the workbench and it didn’t work until I forgot to bring my cigarette one day and tried to open the case…you ask me what I’m like now? At present, I am a loyal supporter of electronic cigarettes. Why, why, I will no longer have difficulty breathing and rarely cough… (5% can relieve addiction, not to mention electronic cigarettes), the person who chatted with the official store said It’s all “ctm”, because I don’t have difficulty breathing, cough… Masturbation is also a whole set of methods. )