Will smoking too much e-cigarette cause bad breath?

Will smoking too much e-cigarette cause bad breath? Probably all smokers have a deep understanding of it, there is always a smell of smoke on their body and mouth, and it is difficult to disperse for a long time, even with perfume and chewing gum, it is difficult to cover up quickly. Sometimes I can’t feel the taste, but once I talk to others, I quickly pass the smell of smoke to each other, forming embarrassment. Why is the smell of smoke so hard to dissipate?

Will smoking too much e-cigarette cause bad breath?

Compared with burning cigarettes, the composition of electronic cigarette oil is simple, only propylene glycol PG, glycerin VG, nicotine, flavoring and so on. Irritating odor.

The second is the unburned process of electronic cigarettes, only heating the e-liquid at a low temperature of more than 200 degrees, so that the smell is discharged with the steam, so there will be no burnt smell, and it will not pollute the lungs, teeth, fingers and surrounding furniture.

Therefore, e-cigarettes are very useful for eliminating the smell of smoke, and are more friendly to relatives and partners around them, and there will be no unpleasant smell of smoke when talking at close range. What’s more, e-cigarettes are much more harmful to human health than traditional cigarettes. They will not make teeth and fingers yellow and black, and they are healthier in appearance.

Naturally, this article only aims to eradicate the smell of tobacco. Compared with traditional cigarettes, as long as e-cigarettes can reduce the harm, they are not healthy products. The nicotine contained in them will still cause certain harm to the human body when dealing with smoking addiction. The fresh air is colorless, odorless or free, and it is the best gift for the human body.

How to get rid of smoke smell?

When the main tobacco leaves are burned at high temperature, more than 4,000 chemical substances will be produced, among which the most odorous are organic elements, including dozens of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, phenols, etc. In addition, there are also inorganic metals such as Fe, cr, cd, and Zn. element that intensifies the characteristic smoky smokiness.

For smokers, these burning substances remain in the mouth, teeth, lungs, fingers, etc. Therefore, in terms of personal image, bad breath, yellowing and blackening of fingers and teeth are the hardest hit areas, and it is difficult to eradicate quickly, and it is even more difficult to eradicate under the building blocks.

At the same time, the smell of smoke will adhere to various fabrics and furniture and be released slowly. Therefore, after smoking indoors or behind the car, the smell of smoke will not dissipate for a long time, even if it is ventilated, it cannot be quickly eradicated. Most of the products on the market that advocate the rapid eradication of smoke smell are mostly to cover up the smell, but not to eradicate the smell, so it only treats the symptoms, not the root cause. After quitting smoking, you can use mouthwash, chew sugar, spray fresheners, etc. to avoid smoking.