What happens if you smoke too much e-cigarette?

What happens if you smoke too much e-cigarette ? Personally, I used to be very addicted to smoking. I could smoke four or five packs a day when I was bored. For the first time, I mainly smoked in Heilanzhou and Nanjing Xuanhemen. Later, my health was really bad. I smoked cigarettes and my teeth and calculus turned too much yellow. Problems with taste and smell, lung discomfort during strenuous exercise, and later exposure to e-cigarettes.

What happens if you smoke too much e-cigarette?

As an e-cigarette player who has been in the pit for more than a year, I can tell you clearly that if you smoke too much, it will be very dry, and the nicotine in it will make you feel drunk. The glycerin component in e-liquid is a substance that absorbs water in particular. If you smoke too much without drinking water, it will definitely not work. This is particularly evident in e-cigarettes with large smoke, because the smoke inhaled at one time is larger and the water is absorbed more.

It’s been a year now, and I’ve shared some changes in my body. My body is obviously much better. I don’t retching, my teeth are not black, and my hands are not yellow. Because there is no tar, how about quitting smoking ? Electronic cigarettes can only be used as a substitute. If you want to be very addicted to smoking, if you smoke electronic cigarettes, it is difficult to get rid of the feeling. Like me, the addiction to cigarettes is getting smaller and smaller. For example, I used to go home before. If you forget the cigarette in the car and forget to bring it up, you can take it with you and run away, and now you forget the e-cigarette in the car, then forget it, and sleep first.

Of course, the harm of e-cigarettes is still there. If you smoke frequently, your heart is still faintly uncomfortable. If you don’t exercise often, your chest may be tight. I usually do a set of push-ups.

In general, e-cigarettes are more prone to overdose because of their convenience and small limitations. If overdose, it will cause nicotine poisoning, dizziness, chest tightness, nausea and other reactions. Therefore, you must know how to let go of e-cigarettes.