Does vaping cause leukemia?

Can e-cigarettes cause leukemia? Some friends asked this question. It can be seen that many friends are still worried about e-cigarettes. Maybe they have seen a lot of hazards related to e-cigarettes, so they are worried about whether it will cause leukemia. Today, I will bring you relevant content.

Does vaping cause leukemia?

At present, there is no case of leukemia caused by e-cigarettes, and there is no relevant research to prove that e-cigarettes can cause leukemia.

Leukemia is currently mainly caused by four factors:

  1. Ionizing radiation

First of all, the four major factors that lead to the onset of leukemia are ionizing radiation. Experts say that the occurrence of the disease may be related to ionizing radiation (IR). Ionizing radiation can generate electromagnetic waves of ion pairs. When cells are penetrated by an IR source When , random collisions with atoms and molecules occur, resulting in free radicals, ions, or other molecular changes.

  1. Genetic factors

Thirdly, there are genetic factors among the four major factors of leukemia. We know that many diseases may be related to genetics. This can explain why some people will get leukemia under the same environment, while others will have leukemia. People will not suffer from leukemia. Even if they suffer from the disease, the severity of the disease will be different for different patients, and the treatment will be different.

  1. Virus factors

The four major factors that lead to the onset of leukemia are also viral factors. After analyzing the etiology of leukemia, it was found that T-cell leukemia virus (HTLV) can cause leukemia in humans, and this virus can cause patients to develop leukemia/lymphoma.

Fourth, chemical factors

The final factor that leads to the patient is the existence of chemical factors. Experts say that certain chemicals can also cause leukemia, such as benzene, dioxystyrene, ethylene oxide, painting pigments and paints, herbicides, phenylbutazone, methyl supplements Bone fat, etc. Among some chemotherapy drugs, melphalan, cyclophosphamide, cetepa, VM26, etc. are the most obvious.

And e-cigarettes do not meet these four factors, so at present, e-cigarettes do not directly lead to leukemia. Of course, further research and exploration are needed. After all, there are still few studies related to e-cigarettes.

Can e-cigarettes cause leukemia? To sum up, e-cigarettes will not directly cause leukemia. If this article is helpful to you, remember to share it with your friends. Maybe your friends have the same confusion. If there are various e-cigarette related problems, remember Pay attention to this site, the e-cigarette information network will continue to bring you relevant content.