What Happens to Dog Smoke From E-cigarettes?

What Happens to Dog Smoke From E-cigarettes? Some dog friends asked this question. After all, no one wants their dog to be harmed by electronic cigarettes, so today VAPING168 mainly provides an answer to this question.

What Happens to Dog Smoke From E-cigarettes?

The nicotine in e-cigarettes is very deadly to dogs, but generally speaking, the nicotine content in the cigarette is relatively small, and there will be no problem, but if the dog eats the oil in the pod, they need to pay attention.

These liquid nicotines of electronic cigarettes become gas after heating, and then these gases will be distributed in all corners of the room. As long as they are given a little time to cool, they will still become liquid, and will naturally be collected by curious dogs. nasal cavity, oral cavity

In general, from the first second of vaporization, the electronic cigarette will enter the dog’s nasal cavity through gas, and will also be smelled and licked into the body by the dog after it becomes a dispersed liquid.

For dogs, inhaling more than 10mg/kg of nicotine can lead to death of dogs due to poisoning. The nicotine of electronic cigarettes is not much less than that of ordinary cigarettes. Dogs can also be harmed when they smoke secondhand smoke.

Generally, dogs will experience symptoms of poisoning within 15 to 90 minutes of ingesting excessive nicotine. For example: hyperexcitability, vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, tremors, drooling, miosis, coma. The more poisoned the dog, the more severe the symptoms. When the dog is found to be abnormal, what the owner needs to do is to confirm whether the dog has come into contact with his own e-liquid cartridge, and then quickly give the dog first aid, and then contact the veterinarian and send it to the veterinary hospital. The first aid method is very simple, is to induce vomiting. You can spit out the e-liquid that the dog has not yet digested, and at the same time, you can confirm how much the dog has ingested.

To sum up, if it is a small amount of smoke, it will not have any effect, but you still need to pay attention to a certain amount, because dogs are very afraid of nicotine.